Teachers implementing OYOclass learning system & tools with kidOYO curriculum resources & mentoring methods will engage mentors in brining computational learning to students in all areas of instruction, Pre-K through 12th grade AP classes.

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Summer Teacher Camp - Professional Development for 2020-2021 School Year [Seats Remain Open - Contact melora at oyoclass .com for more info]

KidOYO produces the OYOclass.com learning platform exclusively, for use in kidOYO direct instructional programs, and made available to schools for integration with existing curriculum requirements.

OYOclass is a full-featured learning management system for computational curriculum. The foundation of OYOclass is the dissemination of coding/computer science/engineering tools and curriculum resources to all students and teachers.

All of the tools and resources discoverable and developed by kidOYO in the OYOclass platform are made available to schools for integration across the curriculum. These include Pre-K classrooms through 12th grade AP classrooms, and most importantly allows teachers to remix all learning materials and tools for integration within their subject area of focus.

Math, ELA, Sciences, Social Studies, Dual Language, Gym, Art, Reading, Keyboarding, Library, and much more are all easily integrated with OYOclass challenge-based learning systems, and project-focused methodology. During the summer 2020 Teacher Camp, school leaders will engage with kidOYO mentors to push skill development, and learn about new features to assist in using a native virtual learning platform in 2020-21 year.

For more information about implementing kidOYO and OYOclass.com in your K12 school district, click here.

Current district leaders and teachers will access this summer teacher camp PD in this community.

For parents reading this attempting to bring a full featured learning progression to your school district, contact kidOYO directly for more information: https://kidoyo.com/

For University integration information, click here.


kidOYO Teacher Camp 2

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Mon, August 17, 2020, 09:00 AM
- Wed, August 19, 2020, 04:00 PM EDT
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